4+2 Psychology Internships

The majority of psychologists in Australia have completed a 4+2 registration pathway.  Australia is a large country and the registration pathway is needed so that all states and territories may have access to psychologists.  For example the Northern Territory does not have a university masters program and those in that territory of Australia can only become registered via the 4+2 pathway.

Typically the 4+2 pathway has become not viable as a commercial product due the the increased supervision and requirements set by AHPRA in 2011.  These changes are a positive set to ensuring psychologists are trained equally to those doing a masters level program. It is our goal through the Psych-Ed © program to offer registration pathway and become the market leader in psychology accreditation. Our product has the capacity to deliver an efficient and effective training pathway due our business having the the largest 2 psychology centres in Australia, located in Brisbane.

To book a place online following this link to the workshop booking form. There is a limited number of places available in these workshops, so please book a place if you are interested.