Free Psychology Workshops

Our staff are welcome to attend our workshops at no cost.  Working in collaboration with others is one of the key components of our training. Learning about what psychologists do in practice is different from the experience of university.  Our workshops are all small group of 6-12 and provide an opportunity for Psych-Ed staff to learn directly from some of Psychology’s most respected clinicians.

Only our staff who have been accepted into Psych-Ed may attend.  The upcoming workshops include:

April 2017

Details coming soon!

March 2017

2 March: Introduction to Hypnotherapy – Dr Jan Philamon

18 March: What is Forensic Psychology? – Laura Fleming 

29 March: What Happens in Couples’ Counselling? – Claire Pang

February 2017

8 February: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: DSM Diagnosis, Relevant Theories, Treatment and Case Study – Melanie Green

8 February: Suicide Risk Assessment – Sarah Dunstone

15 February: Introduction to Health Psychology – Cassandra Gist

22 February: Mental State Examinations – Sarah Dunstone

22 February: Borderline Personality Disorder: Diagnosis and Intervention – Melanie Green

January 2017

11 January: Trichotillomania – Diagnosis, Etiology, Case Study, Relevant Theories and Interventions – Melanie Green

25 January: History of Attachment Theories and Use in Private Practice – Melanie Green

December 2016

20 December: Introduction to Diet and its Impact on Mental Health – Ashleigh Hamilton

20 December: Introduction to Interpersonal Psychotherapy – Vivian Jarrett