Our Program

Our Psychology Accreditation and Training Program Psych-Ed © has been designed to assist psychology students to learn about psychology through work participation in our practices and in the community. Psychologists in Australia require a 4 year degree program and then a 2 year sequence of either an internship or university program.  The majority of Australian psychologists have completed their registration through the internship pathway.  The internship pathways are called the 4+2 or 5+1 internships.

One of the great gaps in our current education system is the lack of work placements in the 4 year psychology degree before commencing a psychology internship.  No psychology university 4 year program in Australia to our knowledge currently hosts a substantial work placement. This means psychology students are left without the practical work experience, business knowledge or references needed to find jobs after leaving university. Our program Psych-Ed © aims to provide so much more than just a work placement.  Our unique program offers 3 stages of involvement.  The first 2 stages are best completed while you are at university in your undergraduate degree.

Graduation hat and diploma on white background

Psych-Ed © offers students the unique opportunity to become involved in the Australia’s fastest growing psychology business. Psychology students are given opportunity to gain qualifications in business, leadership and management while meeting some of Australia’s best psychologists in private practise.  The opportunities are endless with the Psych-Ed © program providing some high performing students job opportunities to work in the medical and human services sector during or at the completion of their work with our program.

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