Our Psychology Apprentices

Our Psych-Ed © psychology apprentices have completed or are in the process of completing their 4 year psychology degree program.  Our apprentices provide support to the Director to manage the clinic while being mentored by our intern psychologists. Apprentices assist with managing the clinic, training Stage 1 Psych-Ed © students, work on community projects.  At the completion of the Psychology Apprenticeship they will be awarded a Diploma in Leadership and Management (RPL) for their demonstrated skills interpersonal excellence, self management, efficacy and ethical data management. Apprentices are financially supported and the training program does not cost the apprentice in any way.  Financial support is negotiated with each apprentice individually and depends on their level of skill and capacity for working in our business model.


My name is Alex and I am currently a Psychology Apprentice working at Vision Psychology (Mt Gravatt) and M1 Psychology (Loganholme). I am an enthusiastic and very social person with a keen passion for assisting people individually, or by implementing positive programs that many can benefit from. My passion for helping people to improve themselves began as an instructor at a Martial Arts academy in Strathpine, where I ran classes to help children and adults build confidence in themselves and achieve physical, mental and social success.

At university, I saw my passion for assisting others grow through three years of volunteer work within the UQ Psychology Students’ Association. In my final year, I was elected president of the Association and worked with a dedicated team to implement multiple programs to assist our 800+ members to improve their academic and social experience. I was particularly proud of our semester-long Free Textbook Loan program, our yearly Psychology Retreat, the Volunteer Research Internship program and the multiple social sport teams fielded each semester.

I am very excited to be able to translate this experience and enjoyment I feel assisting others to pursue their passions into a real-world program. I am currently working closely with Volunteers to help them improve their skills and understanding of the psychology profession. With the guidance of the current Psychology Interns, I am feeling confident I will be able to hit the ground running when I too start the Internship Program.


My name is Sheeba and I joined Vision and M1 Psychology in 2015. The Psych-Ed Program complemented my university studies really well. Psych-Ed gave me the opportunity to put most of the theory into practice and I gained experience that I never could have gotten from an undergrad degree alone.

On a daily basis, I am required to exhibit the practical and interpersonal skills of a psychologist. I always thought I had quick problem-solving skills. However, when I joined the program, I realised that being able to provide alternative explanations for why an increase in ice-cream sales was linked to an increase in drownings was different to being able to handle a tough situation with a client at the clinic.

There have been many demands placed on my interpersonal skills. The Psych-Ed Program has taught me how to better manage these demands, which will be vital to my role as a psychologist. I have also been fortunate to organise and attend various workshops run by psychologists, which has given me valuable insight into the profession and has also given me an extremely realistic job preview.

One of the best parts of being part of Psych-Ed is having access to the expertise of over 50 psychologists. I am surrounded by Clinical, General, Forensic, Health, and Educational and Developmental Psychologists who are all eager to share their experiences and their knowledge.   I also feel so grateful for being part of such a diverse team. This diversity has allowed my colleagues and I to learn from each other and grow in ways that would not have been possible otherwise.


My name is Jenna and I am currently completing my Honours year in Psychology at the University of Queensland. I began as a Volunteer at Vision and M1 Psychology at the beginning of 2016 and am excited to have begun the Apprenticeship Program part-time at the beginning of 2017. Particularly, I am excited to explore what area of psychology I would like to specialise in once I begin the Internship Program.

Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have slowly explored the area of psychology by volunteering at the Prince Charles Hospital in the Mental Health Unit and as a co-facilitator for numerous children group programs. I believe these opportunities have provided me with essential hands-on experience, which Vision Psychology will help me to fine tune in preparation for the Internship Program.

I believe the field of psychology would not be the way it is today without the research behind it. Based on this, I have also explored hands-on research experience. Currently, I am working for the Triple P Program as a Research Assistant in developing a parenting program for children with diabetes. The effect of chronic illness on the family has always been an interest of mine and this opportunity has shown me how much time goes into the research behind the strategies taught to these families.

I believe that this experience, alongside my previous experience in working with children will shape the psychologist I become. As an Apprentice, I am excited to explore psychology further and fine tune the skills that I have learnt with the guidance of the Interns and the psychologists here at Vision Psychology.